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Isan region” is a place with the largest area in the country. With cultural diversity, the region features various local identities that possess alluring charms. The sound of the Isan guitar (commonly known as Phin) and the bamboo mouth organ that reverberates through the region has been widely known throughout the society, not to mention Isan food that has been famous across the globe. This proves that the culture of this region has become increasingly famous, and with the power of creativity, its cultural products will flourish and grow in value.


The upcoming Isan Creative Festival 2023 is on the theme of “Regional (enlight) sation” with the aim of filling joy, enriching or enlightening skills, knowledge and the potential of the place, and connecting cultural capital with natural resources using creativity. See you on 1-9 April at Thailand Creative and Design Center Khon Kaen at following venues: Kangsadan district, Khon Kaen Bus Terminal, Treasury Museum, and other venues.